Tort law – Defenses

As in every other law, the defendant may be innocent and the lawsuit may be abandoned or it can be finished with judgement that absolves that party from partial or full responsibility, and the damage they have to pay may be nullified or reduced. When it comes to the lawsuit there are three different principal defenses to the tortious liability.

   First principal defense is most often called consent and warning. It is a simple principal that states that plaintiff doesn’t have ground for a lawsuit if he either implicitly or explicitly consented to the activity in which he suffered injury. In activities that carry some amount of danger all participants are required to sign a document in which they accept the risk they will face, which will make any tort lawsuits nullified.


  Some sports are dangerous for both participants and audience as well. For example, if a hockey puck hits an individual in the audience he has no ground for tort lawsuit because he agreed to the risk of that happening in the moment he entered the arena in which hockey is played. Same thing can be said for many other sports. Criminal lawyer denver write more about this.

what_is_my_case_worth If a victim, plaintiff, had some contribution towards the injury then he or she have no ground for a lawsuit towards the person that caused that injury. Victim can influence that process of negligence with negligence of his own, like irresponsible actions any normal person would avoid. In some countries like USA, any negligence from victim that contributed to the damage erases the lawsuit. But in other countries the amount of contribution from the victim lowers the damages the guilty party has to pay.

Illegibility of a lawsuit may happen if the plaintiff was involved in crime at the moment of the negligence. Let me give you an example of this. Burglar is in the house to steal money and other things. He is found out and confronted by the owner. This forces the burglar to jump through the window and in doing that he harms himself. In this case the lawsuit would be useless because the burglar was involved in a crime. If you want to find out more about this topic don’t hesitate to contact Phoenix Criminal lawyer.


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